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New Playmobil!

What's New Scooby Doo!

Scooby and friends are off on new adventures, investigating new cases like the mysteries of the Black Knight, the Witch Doctor, and the Ghost of Captain Cutler! And don't miss the chance to collect new, limited-edition action figures like Scooby Samurai, Firefighter, Jetpack Pilot, or Vampire.


Welcome to the big dragon race! Hiccup, Astrid and their dragon friends from the popular animated DreamWorks Dragons saga, take off again and this time with a cool new racing look. Collect Snotlout and Hookfang, Fishlegs and Meatlug, Goober the Belch and more.


Build your own city with townhomes, clinics, grocery store, hospital, vehicles, parks and playgrounds--anything you dream for the perfect place to live. These action-packed play sets let kids imagine a day in the life of the city's first responders, construction crews and city services-complete with cool vehicles and gear!


Aqua sets will help your toddler develop cognitive, fine motor, and language skills all while having a great water play experience! Like the new Water Wheel Carousel--turn the crank and let the ride begin! Water pours onto the carousel to make it spin.


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